Our graduates

  • Фархад Джафаров

    Farhad Jafarov

    Сourse QA/AT

    I am a graduate of DevEducation in QA. At first I didn’t believe in the project, and left some negative feedback about it. Now that I’ve successfully passed the interview, I can see that I jumped to conclusions. A large part of my success is down to the teachers. I want to thank them very much for giving me so many opportunities!

  • Мирмохсун Маммадов

    Mirmohsun Mammadov

    Сourse Mobile React Native

    I already had a foundation of technical knowledge when I came to DevEducation. I chose a mobile development course because I wanted to learn several programming languages right away and effectively combine them in practice. I learned React Native and JavaScript and learned how to develop apps for iOS and Android. Now I’m a senior programmer at a large IT company!

  • Вугар Джафаров

    Vugar Jafarov

    Course QA/AT

    When I was a student at DevEducation, I could only dream of a career in IT. But after the training, I managed to find a job and became a successful tester. I found the work easy because I’d already had experience of almost all the job responsibilities as a student. Having a solid foundation of knowledge and good communication skills helped me a lot in my work. And then a little while later, I was invited to work at my alma mater!

  • Саида Салимова

    Saida Salimova

    Сourse QA/AT

    Studying at DevEducation was an important milestone in my life. I've had a long and interesting journey, which has led to my employment at one of the college’s partner companies. During the training, I met a huge number of new and extraordinary people and made good friends. I’m glad that I finally took a chance, changed my field of work, and became a successful tester!