Mobile Xamarin

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    Duration 2 months

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    Intensity 3 lessons per week

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    Class time 4 hours a day

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    Study grant Covers 85% of the course cost:
    The student pays 40$ month

Course description

Do you want to develop mobile applications but you’re having trouble deciding between operating systems? Stop choosing between iOS and Android, it’s time to learn Xamarin! There is only one framework for all platforms, so you only need to know the basics of C or Java programming. From the very beginning of the program, students analyze the most frequently used components of mobile applications and receive relevant practical tasks. The training begins with an introduction to native development for iOS and Android. By the time you finish the class, you will be able to create modern and high-quality cross-platform applications using Xamarin Native.

Profile of an Ideal Student
You will have no trouble passing the course interview and getting a job in a major company if everything you see below is about you!
Your Soft Skills
  • You are capable of listening and critical thinking
  • You are a great team player who is eager to learn
  • You are focused on research
What You Know and Can Do
  • Basic English
  • Algorithms
  • Understanding of data structures
  • Operating system principles
  • Working with command line
  • Advanced Google user
  • Object-oriented programming basics
  • Working with IDE (Integrated Development Environment) or text editors
You are a perfect candidate if
  • You are analytic and self-confident
  • You are a student or homemaker
  • You are motivated and enthusiastic about computing
  • You want to boost your career or improve your skills
  • You are optimistic and willing to help others

Course program

  1. 1. Introduction
    • Acquaintance
    • Course objective
    • Mobile development specifics
    • Main platforms
    • Cross-platform approach
    • Core learning resources
    • Development tools
  2. 2. Background
    • Introducing Android Studio. An example project on Android. Analysis of critical parts of the project.
    • Introducing xCode. An example project on iOS. Analysis of key parts of the project.
  3. 3. Android features
    • Life cycle
    • Markup axml
    • Transitions
    • Data transfer inside the application
    • Android Intent
    • Intent Filter
    • Broadcast Receiver
    • Service
  4. 4. iOS features
    • Life cycle
    • AppDelegate
    • Storyboards
    • Transitions
    • Data transfer inside the application
  5. 5. Introduction to the cross-platform approach
    • Approaches/Frameworks
    • The history of Xamarin
    • The difference between Xamarin Native and Xamarin Forms
  6. 6. Xamarin Forms
    • XAML
    • Example
    • MVVM
  7. 7. Xamarin Native
    • Sample project. The theory of Portable Business Logic
    • Display of collections
    • Inheriting system components, Creating a Custom View
    • Mobile navigation features
    • Painting. Gesture recognition
    • Clean Architecture/VIPER
    • Memory Leaks and Inspector
    • Animations
    • Threading
    • Data storage
    • Client-server (request / response, web socket)
    • Notifications
  8. 8. Publication of applications
    • Play Market
    • App Store

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